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Company Information

The website, www.Insuremyrentalcar.com is owned by Halo Insurance Services Limited and operated by the Direct Marketing Group (a U.S. licensed agent, known as DMG Insurance Agency in California) for the purpose of providing insurance products and other non-insurance products and services. All references to Insuremyrentalcar.com refer to both Halo Insurance Services and the Direct Marketing Group jointly.

Halo Insurance Services Limited is based in the UK and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Their company registration number is 6929208. Their FCA registration number is 504629. Halo’s registered address is Suite 6, Gloucester Road, London SW7 4UB 



A customer is deemed to have accepted these Terms and any other notices posted on the Insuremyrentalcar website, by using the Insuremyrentalcar service.

We provide a fully online insurance service, designed to save you time and money. We will endeavour to find you the most competitive quotes and provide you with the necessary information to make an informed choice on which policy suits your needs. We provide insurance products but do not offer advice. We will ask you questions to help provide quotations, and you will then need to make your own choice about how to proceed.

After completing an online application form on our website, you agree that you will receive an email from us. This email will confirm you have used our website and that you have purchased an insurance product. You cannot opt out of receiving this email.


Website Content

We have taken every step to ensure the information contained and displayed on our website is accurate and up-to-date. However, we can accept no liability for any errors or omissions. We reserve the right to add, amend or delete content from the website at any time.

These rules are subject to changes and revisions by Insuremyrentalcar without prior written notice.

Insuremyrentalcar will strive to respond to customer enquiries as soon as possible, usually on the same business day and within a maximum of two business days.

It is strictly forbidden for any user to tamper with, manipulate, or apply third party resources to affect the standard operational use of the Insuremyrentalcar website or application software. Legal action may be taken in the event of such misuse.


Customer Responsibility


It is the personal responsibility of customers and visitors to this site to ensure that they understand and comply with their local laws and regulations pertaining to purchasing insurance as these laws and regulations may vary from country to country. It is not the intention of this website that it be used by a customer in any jurisdiction where it would be contrary to local law or regulation.

Customers should print out these terms and conditions, the Key facts document, policy wording and certificate of insurance that come with your policy, and keep them in an easily accessible place.

If a customer does not comply with the terms and notices specified on the Insuremyrentalcar website, the customer's policy may be suspended or cancelled.

Insuremyrentalcar will provide you with quotations based on the information you have provided to us. If you do not provide information and answers that are true and accurate and disclose all relevant facts, your insurance policy may become invalid and claims may not be paid. If your insurance is invalid, you could also be liable for any third party costs in the event of an accident.

Before accepting a policy it is of the utmost importance that all the information the insurance company holds on you is accurate. It is therefore important that you carefully read through the information you provide to check that it is correct and that you have disclosed all relevant facts.

It is important that you read the insurance company's policy terms and conditions to check that you understand and agree with them. The insurance company's policy terms or conditions are not the same as our website terms and conditions and they will be the terms which you will be agreeing to when purchasing a policy.

It is important that you read all insurance documents issued to you and ensure that you are aware of the cover, limits and other terms that apply. Particular attention must be paid to any warranties and conditions as failure to comply with them could invalidate your policy.

If the information supplied by you is not correct, it is your responsibility to identify the mistake and contact us. We do not accept any responsibility to you if your insurance is invalid because you made a mistake in providing the correct information or if you failed to disclose relevant facts to us or to the underlying insurer.

If you have any doubt about whether further information about you, not requested by Insuremyrentalcar is required to be disclosed to the insurer, or if you think that something shown to you may be incorrect, please contact us before you accept the quotation.



Third Party Services

Insuremyrentalcar accepts no responsibility for any goods or services referred to on its website not under its control.

Insuremyrentalcar makes no warranties or representations for these services.

The customer indemnifies Insuremyrentalcar for any loss or damage arising from the use of these goods or services from any third party.


Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Insuremyrentalcar will not have any liability for any loss or damage without limitation that are alleged to have resulted from the Insuremyrentalcar website or its content, including but not limited to, delays or interruptions in service or communication, a customer's or any other person's misuse of the site and its content, and any errors or omissions in content. We accept no liability out of the use of this web site nor of any links that are provided to any third party site. None of the information provided on this website is intended to be used as financial advice or any other advice.

Insuremyrentalcar may at any time require the customer to provide documentation to confirm their identity at any time and at Insuremyrentalcar's sole discretion. The use of proxy servers, except for those assigned by ISPs for normal use is strictly forbidden. This rule also applies to, but is not limited to, anonymous website proxies and any other means to hide your identity.



Payment is by credit card, debit card or PayPal and is required at the time you purchase the policy. Insuremyrentalcar may, at its sole discretion, cease to provide service or payment to certain users or to users paying with certain credit cards. Insuremyrentalcar reserves the right without explanation to refuse purchase from any customer.



Within 10 days of purchase: If you decide that a policy does not meet your needs, your premium will be refunded in full. If however, within the 10 days and/or since inception you have travelled, made a claim or intend to make a claim, or if the policy has started, then the premium will not be refunded.

After 10 days of purchase: If you decide to cancel the policy after 10 days of purchasing, then no refund or premium is available. If, however, your policy has not incepted, then your premium will be refunded in full minus an administration fee. Refunds are calculated in accordance with the policy terms and conditions and will be refunded to the card from which the purchase was made within three working days of the cancellation being processed.


Change of Premiums

We reserve the right to change the premium charged for a policy at any time without notice. This does not affect customers who have already purchased a policy.



By using this site you acknowledge that our principal means of communication is via email and therefore it is incumbent on you to ensure that we have your current email address. Any notice sent will be deemed to be delivered at the time of sending it. It is every customer's responsibility to inform Insuremyrentalcar if there is any change to this address.



Insuremyrentalcar reserves the right to amend the information on this website at any time and without prior notice. The Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time and Insuremyrentalcar will provide notice of such amendments by posting the changes on the website.


Suspension of Service

Insuremyrentalcar may suspend trading as a result of circumstances within or outside its control. Insuremyrentalcar will not have any liability for any loss or damage without limitation that are alleged to have resulted from this suspension of service.


Complaints Procedure

Insuremyrentalcar aim to provide a service that will give no cause for complaint. Please use our informative Complaints Procedure to ensure you have peace of mind