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Hertz are electric

Written by  Michael Newborough Tuesday, 24 June 2014 12:41

Not only are car rental companies introducing ‘Green Fleets’ a more eco-friendly range of cars, but Hertz have made the Chevy Spark available in its California locations; specifically Los Angeles and San Francisco. The two branches now include the year’s top electric vehicle, the Chevy Spark is the most fuel efficient car according to the EPA and the Energy Department.

The introduction of cars and vans with low Co2 emissions and electric vehicles aren’t only available in the United States. The Nissan Leaf has also been made available to rent at some of their larger rental outlets across the U.S and Europe, with Hertz recently partnering with Endesa, Spain’s largest electric utility company to ensure the car is now available in Malaga too.


Hertz new 24/7 initiative makes these cars available in convenient locations to book and drive at any time of the day. This allows these environmentally friendly vehicles to be more accessible at any time both in the U.S and Europe. Following recent pressures from organisations and activist groups rental companies are ensuring they do not fall out of favour with customers by introducing their new ranges of low Co2 emission vehicles.


CEO and Chairman Mark Frissora issued a statement: “Environmental sustainability is integrated throughout the Company, from our car wash process to the way we build our rental locations. Having a selection of leading electric vehicles in our fleet gives customers a valued selection of smart mobility option when renting.” Frissora also looked toward the future saying, “Hertz is constantly looking for opportunities to improve and grow our sustainability efforts”.


Environmentally friendly cars are further becoming part of society in a move to improve emissions output, and rental companies are seemingly not hesitating to be involved. Expect further releases from both car manufacturers and rental companies in the future.