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Car Rental Guide: Protect Yourself Financially From Thieves

Written by  Tuesday, 09 December 2014 00:00

Car Rental Tips and Advice

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When on vacation, your rental car can become like a home away from home. As such, you will need to take precautions to protect your rental car and its contents from thieves who may see it as an easy and lucrative target.


Car Rental Insurance Explained For Rental Car-Related Theft

A Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and a Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) provide cover for victims of rental car-related theft. If your rental car is damaged or stolen whilst in your possession, a LDW/CDW provides financial protection for the full value of the vehicle you are renting. Unlike many other parts of the world, in the US, LDW/CDW is an optional cover.


As a result, your rental car company will try and sell you their LDW/CDW cover when you pick up your vehicle at the rental counter. Yet the LDW/CDW cover sold by rental companies is usually expensive – typically ranging between $9.99 and $29.99 per day.


Insuremyrentalcar.com Provides Financial Protection For Victims Of Theft For Less

If you choose to buy from insuremyrentalcar.com, you can save up to 70% on the prices offered over-the-counter by rental companies and grab LDW cover from just $5 per day.


In most states, Insuremyrentalcar.com also sells cover for personal property in a rented automobile, as a policy upgrade. From as little as $2 extra per day, you can select a premium LDW policy that provides up to $3,000 cover for your valuables whilst they are in your rental car.


For more information on the rental car insurance that could save you a fortune and to grab a quick quote, click here now


Seven Ways To Keep Your Rental Car Safe While on the Road

Even though Insuremyrentalcar.com car rental insurance will provide you with peace of mind, you should still take precautions to ensure rental car safety. These seven easy to follow steps will help protect your rental car while on the road.


1. Stow Your Valuables Away Before You Reach Your Destination

Before you reach your destination – be it your hotel or the beach – everything you intend to leave in the car should already be safely stowed away. This way, you don't have to resort to sorting through your stuff in the car park of your destination. As a result, you will avoid alerting opportunist thieves to valuables that you are about to leave in your car unguarded.


If you have to keep valuables, such as a cell phone or a camera in your rental car, make sure you keep them out of sight. This advice extends to chargers and other such accessories too, as these objects can signal to an opportunist thief that the accompanying phone or camera is also in the car.


2. Lock Your Car Every Time You Leave It

It might sound like we're trying to win an award for stating the obvious, but you'd be amazed how many holidaymakers forget to do this once they start to relax. Locking the doors of your rental car each and every time you leave the vehicle is the best preventative measure you can take against thieves stealing it or its contents. This includes those situations where "I'm only going to be a minute," because for the opportunist thief that's all it takes.


3. Keep Your Rental Car Clean And Tidy

In comparison to the car of a local, the rental car of a tourist is far more likely to contain valuable items. As such, a car that is full of clothes, beach towels and other touristy items is going to present a more attractive target to thieves. So if you keep your rental car clean and tidy, a thief is far less likely to target it.


Any approach to maintaining rental car cleanliness should extend to the windshield, too. If your GPS sat nav uses a suction cup to mount to the windshield, for example, the faint circular mark it leaves when you take it down will be visible to a thief. So if you going to store the device in your glove box make sure you give your windshield a wipe first.


4. Park In Busy, Well-Lit Areas

When you're away from your rental car, parking it in a busy, well-lit area can act as a deterrent to would-be thieves. This is because thieves like to operate away from the gaze of passers-by, so parking your rental car within the line of sight of a hotel or busy store is a good idea. If you're storing valuable items in the trunk of your rental car, another great tip is to park with the trunk facing out. This way, passers-by stand more of a chance of stumbling upon a thief in action.


5. Check Your Valuables Are Still There As Soon As You Return To Your Car

If valuables are stolen from your rental car, you will want to know where it happened when lodging a report with the local authorities. Many thieves are not stupid, and will try and steal your valuables in a way that avoids your detection for as long as possible. For example, if your camera is in a bag, thieves may steal the camera but not the bag to prolong detection of the theft.


6. Be Prepared For Common Carjacking Techniques

Across the world, thieves use a variety of methods for stealing cars from tourists. To help prevent you from becoming a victim, here's a description of three common carjacking techniques.

  • The Flat Tyre Scam – Is a scam where thieves place a sharp object such as a nail or shard of glass beneath the wheel of a parked rental car. The thieves will then follow you until your tire runs flat before getting out and offering 'help.' Then, the thieves raid your rental car for valuables or steal it outright. For this reason, you should always inspect the proximity of your rental car's tires for sharp objects.
  • The Good Samaritan – Is a scam where thieves stage an accident, some may even go as far as simulating an injury. The idea is that you feel compelled to stop and offer assistance, whereupon the vehicle is stolen. Obviously not stopping when someone needs help should not be encouraged, but when you're in unfamiliar territory, it may be safer to call the emergency services for help instead.
  • The Bump and Grab – Is a scam where the thieves bump into your car from behind. Then, after you get out of your rental car to inspect the damage, the thieves use the opportunity to steal the vehicle. This scam is a difficult one to prevent falling victim to, as the natural reaction is always to get out and inspect the damage. But if someone does drive into the back of you, try and remember to remain extra vigilant and take the keys out of the ignition before you get out of the vehicle.

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