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How do you celebrate your day off?

Money writer, Ed Perkins, looked at the benefits of third party insurance for car rental and recommended Insuremyrentalcar.com in his write-up.

Insuremyrentalcar.com has appeared in a large article in the leading financial news website, The Street.

Our founder and CEO, Ernesto Suarez, was quoted in the New York Times (3 July 2015) explaining why travelers renting cars are better off having standalone insurance cover, rather than relying on their auto policy.

None of us look forward to a lengthy car journey…especially when you have kids to keep entertained! Finding new and interesting ways to pass the time can often be challenging, not to mention thankless, and lengthy journeys can soon turn into never-ending ones!

Bottom of Ski Slope USAImage from Richard King

The North American Ski season is about to hit full swing. Enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders are traversing the best trailheads. The most popular ski towns are opening their doors to droves of visitors. And restaurants and bars are satisfying crowds of famished powder fanatics with a fine selection of local food and drink.

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